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  • Dan R. Gillen

    Dan Gillen is a celebrated figure in the music and entertainment industry, whose career spans several decades as a singer, songwriter, lead guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist. Partnering with Toni since 1978, his journey has been marked by significant contributions to the cultural landscape, both on and off stage.

    As the founder and administrator of The Morristown Musicians Group since 2023, Dan has played a pivotal role in supporting and promoting local talent. His extensive experience also includes serving as the Entertainment Director for the Springfield Jaycees, where he was responsible for orchestrating the entertainment for the Springfield Broiler Festival. This role saw him booking and managing over 22 acts, ranging from rock, country, and jazz bands to jugglers and DJs, alongside overseeing stage design, locations, and the provision of staging and rigging for this expansive 3-day event.

    Dan’s expertise extends further into the realm of television and live events, where he has successfully booked acting talent for TV commercials and curated a diverse array of entertainment for fairs and festivals across the USA and Canada. His adeptness as a booking agent, concert promoter, and band leader underscores his ability to enrich the cultural landscape, ensuring vibrant and dynamic entertainment experiences for communities.

    Moreover, Dan’s tenure as a stagehand for the IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) at the Eugene Hult Center for the Performing Arts has allowed him to contribute to the success of major touring acts, including “CATS,” “David Copperfield,” “Martina McBride,” “Doug Stone,” “Pam Tillis,” “Sawyer Brown,” “Joe Satriani,” “Phish,” “Diamond Rio,” “Les Miserables,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” and many others. This experience not only highlights his versatility and passion for all aspects of the entertainment industry but also underscores his commitment to excellence in every project he undertakes.

    Dan Gillen’s multifaceted career is a testament to his passion, dedication, and the profound impact he has had on the music and entertainment industry.

  • Toni Gillen

    Toni, with over 30 years on the global stage, has become an iconic vocalist and guitarist, blending genres and captivating hearts. From her beginnings in Lebanon, Oregon, her music ranges from acoustic ballads to rock anthems, showcasing unmatched musicality. Beyond her performances, Toni is a mentor and advocate, inspiring both fans and future artists with her passion and dedication.

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